Contract gardening

Protecting your Growing Assets

Professionally maintained grounds will improve the all-important first impression your company or residential park makes on every visitor. After all, the external appearance of any organisation speaks volumes about the way it operates internally. Attractive surroundings help generate confidence in your visitors and in your employees, that yours is a business or residents where high standards really do matter.

Few organisation's still maintain and fully equip their own in-house grounds maintenance team, recognising instead the financial and practical benefits of using specialist suppliers of such non-core services.

Using an external contractor is a modern and highly cost-effective strategy which brings many benefits. When that contractor has RH Gardening Services proven track record and is committed to a total quality management approach, the result is an effective, professional and dedicated service from a single source.

Over the past five years RH Gardening Services have built up and maintained a healthy portfolio of eight commercial contract customers.

In that time we are proud to say we have not lost one customer. We have continued to maintain our contracts to a very high standard and always achieve customer satisfaction.

- R Holiday