Why choose RH Gardening Services to build your deck?


RH Gardening Services have always specialised in one off, bespoke decking systems. We have run this side of the business since we started 6 years ago; however, we have between us over 30 years of experience within this field. Many of those years were spent designing and building timber playground equipment for schools in Kent & Essex. When you consider the health & safety issues when providing schools with this type of equipment, then you can appreciate there can be no higher recommendation.

What can you expect from us?

Our decking specialist will arrange a suitable time to visit you to discuss your requirements. They will give you as much information and advice as you want to help in the design process. Following that visit you will receive from us a written, no obligation quotation and a fixed price. We hold our prices for 3 months from the quotation date. You can change the design at any time, even during the construction process but this may be subject to a price increase. Any changes will be put in writing and the price changed accordingly.

What will you get for your money?

We believe that you will get, arguably the finest decking construction that money can buy. We pride ourselves in going that extra mile, so that the end result will not only look great but will also last for many years. During the design process we endeavour to cover all eventualities and during the construction process we always overcome new problems if and when they occur, with the minimum fuss and bother. We always consider damp conditions for longevity of the timber and we always lay 'weed membrane' where necessary. All the timber is pressure treated and comes with a 15 year guarantee against rot and if you follow our advice, it will easily see past 20 years or more.

The sub frames are built with extra reinforcement as standard, to prevent any bounce or movement and we never use nails. All support posts are concreted into the ground where possible. All the timber used will be hand picked for quality, cut and fixed within tight tolerances, to create straight lines, consistent 'gaps' between the decking boards and straight screws lines.

Common questions and concerns + answers/remedies:

Q. How long will it last?

A. The minimum you should expect is 15 - 20 years but with an annual maintenance regime, such as a yearly jetwash and the application of an oil based preservative it could feasibly last a lifetime.

Q.Does it get slippery?

A. Yes! But with a little care and a yearly jetwash, you will stop the build up of grease, grime & algae which are the main reasons for slipping or you could apply a non- slip preservative, Cuprinol do a very good one!

Q. Will we get rats?

A. If you are pushing food through the gaps... then, yes you could attract rats but they prefer the shed! If your decking has gaps between the boards (which it should have) then it won't be dry enough for them and they will leave once you stop feeding them!

We can incorporate other timber features into our decking designs such as, Pergolas, Planters, benches and many more, see the gallery for examples.

If you have an idea, we at RH Gardening Services can can design it and build it for you.

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